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This blog is a safe space by and for people of color where they can share their experiences with everyday, subtle racism, or racial microaggressions. Our main goal is to help people of color feel supported and validated in dealing with this insidious, and often far more damaging, form of racism. White people are welcome to follow.

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I went to a Renaissance Festival over the weekend, and I was at one of the booths that had gemstones and other cut stones. I actually went by earlier, looked at some of the loose stones, and bought a few. Making sure to keep my hands visible because I don’t want to be accused of stealing things. I went back later on because you could buy a little surprise bag, and it actually seemed kinda fun. I was waiting in line to buy one of the bags for sluicing (where you clean the rocks in some water and get surprise stones and stuff), and there were these two white kids (a girl and a boy) looking at some cut stones next to me.

The girl cut in front of me without a word (rude) and started asking the clerk about something. Here was where I was keeping an eye on things. The clerk was by herself, as her assistant had gone on his lunch break, and she walked to another part of the booth where you couldn’t see her. All the while, I noticed the boy pocketing one of the cut stones from the loose batch. He looked at me. I looked at him. And I knew that he knew that I saw. But I didn’t say anything.

And perhaps I was wrong not to say anything. And yet, somehow, I get that ugly gut feeling that I would be the one to get the bad image if I accused some white kid of stealing. Because a white kid wouldn’t do that. And here’s this young black woman, accusing a child of a crime.

And yet, that same young black woman was taught, "to keep your hands visible and away from your pockets so they don’t think you’re going to steal something."

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A policewoman who racially abused a taxi driver in Queenstown has been discharged without conviction.

Constable Jeanette May McNee, 44, was found guilty of using offensive language against Ganesh Paramanathan during a dispute in November last year.

McNee denied the charge, but after a two-day trial judge Tony Couch found the off-duty officer had told Mr Paramanathan to “eat your f***ing curry and f*** off to India” and “this is a Kiwi job” - among other things - over a dispute about the fare.

At sentencing on Monday, Judge Couch granted a discharge without conviction, which means no conviction is recorded against her name.

He ordered her to pay reparations, including $300 to Mr Paramanathan for emotional harm, $150 to him in lost wages for his time in court and $388 to Queenstown Taxis to cover the cost of providing the CCTV footage at trial.

Police say they accept the court’s decision not to record a conviction, but said McNee’s behaviour in the incident with Mr Paramanathan goes against its code of conduct.

"It is appropriate that we hold to account those who don’t meet the standards of behaviour expected of them by the community," Southern District Commander Andrew Coster said in a statement.

McNee has been on leave without pay throughout the case, police said.

Police say now she has been sentenced, the organisation can begin its own review.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I had a white South African teacher in elementary school who was seriously abusive. I was the only POC in one of her classes and it was an extremely traumatic experience. Halfway through the year she completely gave up on the course material and spent all two hours of class time verbally abusing me and spewing racist garbage. Over a dozen students begged other teachers for help and were ignored. Later, a Pakistani teacher told a white student to shut up and was fired. Private schools are toxic.
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Atlanta Race Riot, 1906

The Atlanta race riot took place Sept. 22-24, 1906. The Georgia city had become a hub for the regional economy. The growth of the Black population reflected this economic opportunity, growing from 9,000 in 1880 to 35,000 by 1900. This growth pitted Blacks and whites against each other, competing for scarce jobs.

As the Black elite class began to grow, whites attempted to thwart their progress, blaming Blacks for increased violence against white women and rising crime rates. The riot began Sept. 22 when Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults on local white women. A mob formed on Decatur Street, home to many Black businesses, and initiated an attack on hundreds of Blacks. The state militia controlled the mob after Blacks were driven off the streets by the violence.

Police reported an estimated 25 to 40 African-Americans and two whites died. Blacks and their businesses were driven to the eastern part of the city. The Ku Klux Klan made its return to Atlanta shortly after the riot with a membership of more than 15,000 in the city.

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A white civilian plowed his car through a group of peaceful protestors. When police responded they arrested a victim of the assault and not immediately the assaulter. Eventually the assaulter was arrested, but so were two other protestors. It took over 2 hours for the young boy to be transported to the hospital.

Wheres the justice?

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A Swedish woman hitting a neo-Nazi protester with her handbag. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor. [1985]

Volunteers learn how to fight fires at Pearl Harbor [c. 1941 - 1945]

A 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. [1990]

Komako Kimura, a prominent Japanese suffragist at a march in New York. [October 23, 1917]

Erika, a 15-year-old Hungarian fighter who fought for freedom against the Soviet Union. [October 1956]

Sarla Thakral, 21 years old, the first Indian woman to earn a pilot license. [1936]

Voting activist Annie Lumpkins at the Little Rock city jail. [1961]  

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Woman lead revolutions !!!!! WOMAN ARE LEADERS

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The Redskins Nation citizens eagerly signed up, most of them knowing that they might be mocked in their interview with correspondent Jason Jones. But several hours into the Sept. 13 taping of the yet-to-air episode, the fans, all from Virginia, said they were suddenly confronted by a larger group of Native American activists — all of whom were in on the showdown prearranged by “The Daily Show.”

The encounter at a Dupont Circle hotel was so tense that an Alexandria fan said she left in tears and felt so threatened that she later called the police. She has told “The Daily Show” to leave her out of the segment but doesn’t know whether the producers will comply.

“This goes way beyond mocking. Poking fun is one thing, but that’s not what happened,” said Kelli O’Dell, 56, a former teacher who lives in Alexandria and doesn’t watch the show regularly. “It was disingenuous. The Native Americans accused me of things that were so wrong. I felt in danger. I didn’t consent to that. I am going to be defamed.”

If only the Native American activists protesting the racist R**** mascot knew what it was like to be falsely misrepresented and endangered without their consent, and defamed. They’d want to call the police, too.

In her essay "I’m Leaving!" White fragility in Racial Dialogues, Robin J. DiAngelo writes: ”fragility coupled with privilege will result in a response of resistance, indulgence in emotional incapacitation, exiting, or a combination of these.”

And they say people protesting the R**** mascot are the ones who are “too sensitive.”

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OkCupid users say they’re more open to interracial dating — but the numbers don’t lie

OkCupid founder Christian Rudder recently posted some of these snapshots on the website’s blog, reviewing how race affects OkCupid users’ behavior. In short: As much as people would like to believe that they are open-minded, a potential partner’s racial background plays a huge part in OkCupid’s matches.

And it’s not just a problem on OkCupid Follow micdotcom

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Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Click here to watch the video

This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

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It’s that time of year again.
Just say no to racist costumes people.
Blackface is racist.
Dia de Los Muertos “costumes” are racist
Costuming off of someone else’s culture is racist.
Do your part in making this Halloween season enjoyable for everyone!

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